About this Blog:

Chanko is the name of a type of hotpot dish eaten by sumo wrestlers in Japan. It usually includes meat, fish, tofu and vegetables and is an essential part of sumo training. I chose to name my blog after this dish because it symbolizes in many ways the intersection of my interests in the cuisine and the culture of Japan. Chanko embodies the homogenous character of Japan with its strict rules of preparation while at the same time leaving room for self-expression  (every sumo stable has its secret recipe).

The goal of this blog is to take an closer look at how food fit into culture. Food is more than mere fuel for our body, it is at the core of what makes us human involving our brains as much as our palates. Why do we love certain foods and hate others? Why are our tastes in food so vastly different from one to another? I believe that the answer to these questions can become a conduit for bringing public interest back into the academic conversation.

About the Author:

I am a Cultural Anthropology doctoral candidate at the University of Montreal in Quebec Canada. My research primarily focuses on regional food revival in Japan. However, my interests about food remain broad. I have worked in restaurants and written about food academically and non-academically. Comments, questions and email contributions can be posted on the site or at claurent77@gmail.com and http://www.facebook.com/Chankonabe77. I look forward to your contributions.


Christopher Laurent

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